New 1908 Edition

For the past year a small group of Restoration Saints has been working on the "Three in One Project" to produce the Inspired Version of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants in book and electronic formats.

The Book of Mormon has been the first objective of the Scripture Committee. We discovered a variety of editions and printings of the "1908 Edition" presently in use by the Saints. Some have flaws which have existed throughout the printing history of the Book of Mormon, and some printings introduced new problems.

We want to produce Scriptures that are as correct as possible. Therefore, we offer a New 1908 Edition with limited editorial corrections—which include spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. It has been compared with the Original Manuscript, the Printer’s Manuscript, the 1830 First Edition, and subsequent editions published by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This book preserves the record and the doctrine of the familiar 1908 Edition but eliminates many of the flaws of earlier printings. Therefore, it will not exactly match any printed book.

We invite your assistance to read, review, and respond by telling us of any problems you encounter in the text and any suggestions you care to make. We want to catch any problems before publishing in book form.

Please respond to, giving your name and your choice of the following:
First Book of Nephi
Second Book of Nephi
Books of Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Words of Mormon
Book of Mosiah
Book of Alma Chapters 1-12
Book of Alma Chapters 13-20
Book of Alma Chapters 21-30
Book of Helaman
Third Book of Nephi
Fourth Book of Nephi
Book of Mormon
Book of Ether
Book of Moroni
(Or if you want a surprise, say so!)

The book will be e-mailed to you in Rich Text Format so you can put it into your word processor and print it or read on-screen. Some instructions will be included with the text. We would like your response within 2 weeks of receiving the text.

Thank you for your assistance.
Paul V. Ludy and fellow Scripture Committee members
August, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Examples of Words Corrected in New 1908 Book of Mormon

any one > anyone
anymore > any more
burthens > burdens
can not > cannot
cherubims > cherubim
evil doer > evildoer
first born > firstborn
first fruits > firstfruits
for ever > forever
fraid > afraid
gave > given
harken > hearken
head-bands > headbands
king-men > kingmen
maid servant > maidservant
man servant > manservant
night time > nighttime
Oh > O
one fifth > one-fifth
one half > one-half
past > passed
plead > pled 
plow shares > plowshares
prophesy > prophecy
raise > rise
sea-shore > seashore
self-same > selfsame
seraphims > seraphim
shew (in all forms) > show
smote > smitten
some one > someone
to-day > today
to-morrow > tomorrow
under foot > underfoot
vail > veil
whether > whither
worshipped > worshiped
wrecked > racked

Note: This is not a complete list, and not every occurrence of a word was changed ("gave" and "past" are good words in the right place).